Tuesday, April 20, 2010

All About Me

So this blog is all about me.  "And who is me?" I can hear you thinking.  Well, a random collection of my attributes is right there, on the right of the page.  Let's expand on that a little, hmm?

Atheist: Out-and-proud Atheist.  The usual way I describe my beliefs is the "Hamlet Philosophy" - you know, more things in heaven and earth and all that.  I've had what, to me at the time, were inexplicable experiences.  I believe there are things that right now, science can't explain.  That doesn't mean science will never explain those things, however.  I tried religion.  Didn't work for me.  I have plenty of friends and family members that are religious - mostly Protestant Christians, but also Hindus, Catholics, and Muslims.  I respect people's right to religion.  But I don't understand it.  I may refer to the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) from time to time, because He is my substitute when I need a deity for some reason.

BBW: If I lost all the fat on me until I was nothing but skin and bones, I still would not be a size 8.  I have broad shoulders and hips (the dreaded "big boned").  Even when I was a teenager I was a size 12.  Right now, I'm size 16-18 (I have a big arse).  I would like to lose a little more weight, to get to around 14-16, so I can buy clothes without going to "fat chick stores".  But I've long since given up hope of ever being skinny.  I like food.  I'm a good cook.  My husband works as a cook.  I have a sweet tooth.  My mother is a BBW, as is her mother before her, and my aunt, and a bunch of my cousins.  I'd rather enjoy my life and my food than worry about what I'm eating all the time.

Cat/Dog owner: I've always had at least one of each.  I love my fur babies.  My dog, Phoebe, is 8 years old and moved over to Oz with me from NZ.  My fat black cat, Jeddah, I got from a workmate when she moved house and couldn't have a cat any more.  And my silver tabby, Bubbles (short for Beelzebubbles, holla Blackadder fans!) turned up in the palm of my neighbour when she was nothing but a 3-week-old ball of fluff and fleas.  People say that you're either a cat person or a dog person and that it says a lot about your personality.  Well, I'm just a pet person!

Married: Technically, married-divorced-married.  I got married young and divorced a couple of years later.  When I started dating the man who is now my second husband, I told him I wouldn't get married again.  He just said "whatever you say".  I guess he knew more than I did.  We got married on 6 March 2010.  I didn't change my name again though.

Transplanted Kiwi/Gold Coaster/Hurricanes supporter: I was born in Papakura Obstetric Hospital in South Auckland, New Zealand, and grew up in Papakura.  I moved to Wellington when I was 18, and lived there for 6 years.  Then I moved to Hobart, Tasmania, in Australia and lived there for 2 years.  Now I've been here, on the Gold Coast, for 4 years.  Wellington is my spiritual home.  I support Wellington sports teams and plan on eventually moving back to Wellington.

Communication student: I already have a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Classical Studies.  I was planning on being a teacher and never quite made it.  Now I'm doing a Bachelor of Communication, probably in Creative Writing/Media Studies/Journalism Studies, although I haven't finalised that yet.  This blog will probably include random items of poetry and that kind of thing, for that reason.  I'm studying through Massey University in NZ by distance learning, which is good because it's flexible, bad because it requires discipline.

Endometriosis sufferer: Endo is kind of personal and a lot of people don't talk about it, because it's all about that mysterious thing called a period.  Come on people!  All women get periods.  It's normal and natural.  I don't understand why talking about it is so taboo.  However, I will flag all my endo posts with "TMI" so if you're grossed out by that kind of thing, just skip those ones, ok?  Anyway, what my endo means is basically that twice a month (yes, twice: when I ovulate and when I get my period) I suffer from agonisingly painful cramps. And turn into the Bitch Queen From Hell.  It also means it's extremely difficult for me to get pregnant (although not impossible: my Mum had endo too and she had two kids).  We've been trying to get pregnant for around 4 years now.  Quick trivia! two things not to say to someone who is trying (and failing) to get pregnant: "I know how you feel, it took me 3 months to get pregnant with my second" and the clear winner "Just forget about it and relax and it will happen".

Gamer/Geek: I'm a geek, aka nerd, and proud of it.  I wear nerdy t-shirts.  I read webcomics.  I play computer games.  I like learning.  I like trivia.  I enjoy sarcasm.  Etc.

Libertarian: I can't vote in Oz because I'm not a citizen, and even if I could, there's not really a party that suits me.  But if pressed, I describe my politics as libertarian.  I'm left leaning but also have some right-wing tendencies.  I don't really fit in a box.  But I'm concerned about civil liberties like internet filtering.

Family-focussed/Daddy's Girl: I have a big family.  I only have one sister, but my Mum comes from a family of five and my Daddy from a family of seven.  I have 42 first cousins.  Most of my cousins have babies.  My husband's family isn't as big (Thank the FSM (told you!)), but they still add to the total.  I miss my NZ family a lot.  It's heartbreaking for me to not be there for so much.  I will move back one day.  You may also notice that I call my father Daddy.  I'm a Daddy's girl.  My Daddy is like MacGyver but with cooler hair.  I miss my Daddy!

Reader: I read a lot.  I used to go through around 3 books a week, although with my current study commitments I'm not reading quite as much as I used to.  I still read a lot though.  I mostly read Fantasy, but I'll quite happily read pretty much anything.

And that's me in a nutshell.  Well, a pretty big nutshell.  Basically this is just an outlet for me to express myself and talk about stuff that's important to me.  Sorry if that's not really your thing.

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