Monday, May 31, 2010


This will probably come as a surprise to my workmates, but I used to be quite into fashion and shopping.  I was never as great at op-shopping as my friend Helen in high school, but I still could find good bargains and put a lot of thought into my clothes.  Then I got to a certain size and my love of shopping fizzled, and I withdrew into my tried-and-true comfort fallback of jeans and t-shirts.

The few times I tried to find clothes that fit, I was always frustrated.  If I tried to go to a normal store, I'd get looks from the shop assistants.  I remember when I was trying to find a dress for a party, and I went to Cue, and the shop assistant said straight out to my face "I'm sorry, but I don't think we have your size here."  At that point I was size 16, and the look of distaste on her face killed the last of my enjoyment of shopping.  After that, I stuck to "fat chick" stores...but I couldn't find any with fashionable, affordable clothes.  They all seemed to be frumpy and trying to cover up my "flaws", but ended up making me look even bigger.  So I stopped buying new clothes unless I absolutely had to, and then hating the exercise of shopping, and started feeling even worse about how I looked.  I felt like I wasn't supposed to look good.

Recently I've discovered a whole community of other bloggers and tweeters in Oz that have proven to me that it *is* possible to be gorgeous and plus-size.  CorpulentDefinatalie, and especially Frocks & Frou Frou, among others, have given me some fabulous ideas and tips, and most of all, the confidence to try something new.  I suddenly feel much more confident about my body, even though nothing has changed: I have a whole new outlook on myself and my clothes.

So today I went out and bought 3 things from the fabulous City Chic store in Robina.  The clothes there were stylish, and designed for people like me: young and fashionable and confident in my curvy body.  I wanted to buy so many things, but limited myself to the 3 I ended up with :)  I still have my eye on a few things (wish list coming up below!).  I'm also going to order some tights from We Love Colors in a couple of days, when they start their free shipping to NZ and Oz promotion.  While in Robina, I bought a couple of pairs of cheap flats from Rubi Shoes as well.

So here is my current Wish List:
  • Skinny black jeans (perhaps from JeansWest)
  • Booties to go with said jeans (like these from Tony Bianco)
  • A coat I can wear over pretty much anything - I'd love a leather jacket but would settle for a trench or something like that
  • A party dress for the work bonus dinner on 9 July, almost definitely from City Chic
  • Shoes to go with said dress
That will do for now, or Dave will have a hernia.  I'm just going to slowly build up my wardrobe into prettier, sexier clothes.  Surely he can't complain about that!

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  1. Oh you'll love We Love Colors tights. They're comfy, fit well and look great. I'm just about to put in another huge order.

    Happy fatshion shopping!