Friday, June 18, 2010

A Haircut, and an Outfit of the Day!

So I usually have very long hair.  I hate getting it cut.  Last time I cut it short was 4.5 years ago when we moved up to the Gold Coast.  It was horrendously hot and so I cut my hair as short as a boy.  I absolutely HATED it and swore I'd never cut it again.  And I actually didn't cut it at all, for about 2 years.  Then I tried to get a fringe and once again hated it, so grew it out.  Then it was so heavy and hot that I got some layers cut in while keeping the length.  By the time I got married, however, I was sick of it: it's nice to have it long, but it gets to the point where it's pretty unmanageable.  So I decided to cut it back to shoulder-length.  From waist-length.

Here is a before photo:

And here is an after photo:

My hairdresser, Mea (the mother of one of my friends from work), was a little scared to cut it all off and it's not quite as short as I wanted :)  I did the colour myself.  It isn't right, I need to do it again.  It's supposed to be violet, as in bright purple, but it turned out burgundy somehow!  So it's still a work in progress :)

After the jump is an Outfit of the Day!

Outfit of the Day:

Cardi: City Chic
Top & Jeans: JeansWest
Shoes: Miss Shop at Myer

Two Outfit of the Day posts, same cardi!  I love it because it goes with everything and it's long over my lower back and bum.  If there's one thing I learned from my Nana, it's that you should never walk around with your kidneys exposed, because you'll get a cold!  Also, your knickers might show :P  So I always prefer longer tops that prevent those things from happening :)

Speaking of tops, we went to JeansWest yesterday to get Dave some new jeans and ended up with not only three pairs of jeans for him, but SIX tops for me.  My six tops were $30!  In total!  I love the sales at this time of year :)  This one is nice and bright and funky, it's kind of a leopard print and is peachy coloured.  (NOT pink, Dave!)  The sales chick (at JeansWest Harbour Town GC) was great and really helpful, she spent heaps of time with both of us.  She was also completely crazy.  Seriously, it was great and really entertaining but there was a whole lot of crazy going on :)

The jeans are the black skinny jeans I bought from JeansWest a little while ago.  I love JeansWest jeans, they're so comfy and they come in sizes right up to size 20, and all of the styles I've bought so far have fit really well.  I wanted some skinny black jeans and was a little unsure about these because they sit quite low, but the sales lady convinced me and I'm glad I got them.

The shoes are the booties I got from the Myer sale.  They're the highest heels I own right now.  I really like them but going from wearing nothing but flats for years and then to really high heels is a bit of an adjustment.  Walking in heels is bloody hard work!  I guess I just need more practice :)

Next OOTD post I'll try not to wear the same cardi :P


  1. I have two cardies that I wear all the time in the cooler weather. One black, one magenta, both the same style. They're long enough to come down past my hips, because if any bit of me is going to get cold, it's the small of my back across those sneaky kidneys.

    Your hair looks great, and well done on the JeansWest bargains - wish they sold plus-sizes there!

  2. Thanks :) JeansWest have gotten better, but I'm still at the limit of their sizing: I have to get their biggest jeans and tops, and can't get any other pants there (and only the stretchier style tops). And of course they don't have a lot of each item in the largest size. So I'm always pleased when I can pick up something, especially on sale! I think I need to check out Big W and Target for some cheaper stuff, because there's still a few basics I need to get.