Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Outfit of the Day!

I got some fabulous heels from Tony Bianco on sale and I just had to wear them as soon as I got them!  They're really high - with them on I'm a 6-foot-tall Amazon, and I love them.  I'm going to wear them for the work bonus dinner on Friday next week (I'm so excited about my outfit for that day, I can hardly wait to show you guys!), so I wanted to wear them a couple of times first to get used to them.  They're surprisingly comfortable.  Unfortunately I fell over in them, in front of all the guys from the office, which was kind of embarrassing.  Oh well, I still love them!

Unfortunately you can't really see how high they are.  They're about 3 inches high.  Next time I wear them I'll make sure you can see!

Trench: Miller's
Jeans: JeansWest

Look!  An OOTD without the City Chic cardi!  I don't normally shop at Miller's, because it can be a little old lady-ish, but I was standing outside their store waiting for Dave when I spotted this trench.  They had a buy one, get one half-price deal on, so I got TWO coats for $34!  Pretty good deal!  The other one is single-breasted and red.

My next OOTD post will probably be my work bonus dinner outfit, although I might sneak in one more before that :)