Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up: OMG EXAMS!!!

This week it's all about exams.  I'll take a brief side-trip to do my weekly wrap-up but it's not going to be much, sorry!

Uni: Like I said, exams exams exams.  I did get 3 of my 4 assignment results back though:
Intro to Academic Writing: B-
Language & Communication: 17/25
Intro to Media Studies: A-

Exams will be over by the end of the week, and then Semester 2 starts 12 July.

What I'm Reading: Up to Book VII of The Dark Tower.

What I'm Listening To: Green Day's 21st Century Breakdown album.

To Do List: Wedding photos, holiday photos, cross-stitch.

What's Caught My Eye: Not much, too busy...except for the World Cup, of course!

Mini-Goal: To be more focused and not such a magpie...You know, "oooh, shiny!"

On the Menu: Was too busy for New Recipe Monday so we just had a roast.  Which was absolutely delicious of course...My husband does the best roast veg ever!

Fashion:  I bought not one, but TWO pairs of shoes this week!  A pair of booties from Miss Shop at the Myer sale, and a pair of studded open bootie heel things from the Tony Bianco sale.  I will have pics as soon as I actually wear either of them!  I haven't regularly worn heels for years so I think I need some practice!

Word of the Week: Vox pop.  Well I guess actually it's more a phrase.  In case you don't know, it's Latin for "voice of the people".  I learnt it in relation to the news: a vox pop interview is where a reporter grabs a random passerby or two and asks them about some event.  Here is a quote (in Latin, so I look smart :P):

Nec audiendi qui solent dicere, Vox populi, vox Dei, quum tumultuositas vulgi semper insaniae proxima sit.

Which translates to:

And those people should not be listening to those who keep saying the voice of the people is the voice of God, since the riotousness of the crowd is always very close to madness.

The riotousness of the crowd is always very close to madness.  Love it!

That will have to do for this week.  My brain is very close to asploding.

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