Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

Uni:  Exams were this week and are over now.  My first exam, Language & Communication, didn't go that well.  I'm sure I'll still pass but I didn't feel like I'd done as well as I could.  The second, Intro to Media Studies, went better but still not fabulous.  Oh well.  I've had a very busy and stressful semester.  Roll on Semester 2, in which I have nothing extra planned!

What I'm Reading: Still on Dark Tower VII but I've also been reading Bill Bryson's At Home.  I love Bill Bryson, I've read nearly all of his books.  A Short History of Nearly Everything is one of my favourite books. At Home is in a similar vein, but instead of looking at the universe it looks at things a bit closer to, well, home!

What I'm Listening To: Run Lola Run Soundtrack.

To Do List: Same as last week, but also some baking and housework.

What's Caught My Eye: 

  • The Bechdel Test, a simple test for movies with the following criteria: 1) Movie has at least two women in it, who 2) talk to each other, 3) about something besides a man.
  • This is awesome.  Go on.  Click it!  It's awesome!
  • I don't know if you heard, but there's a little sports tournament on in South Africa right now.  Something about a World Cup?  Here is a preview for people who don't care, and here is a handy guide to what to do once it's all over.

Mini-Goal: Get my baking done!

On the Menu: Seeing as I was still in exams, we didn't do anything too difficult this week.  We both wanted comfort food, so we had sausages and mash with onion gravy.  The onion gravy was the new recipe for the week and was absolutely delicious and well worth its hour and a half cooking time!  There was very little activity during that hour and a half - just had to stir it occasionally.  It was very yummy and I'm sure we'll make it again.  (I was going to describe it as "beautiful" but Dave just pointed out that it was brown and sloppy and looked like - well, I'll just leave it there, but "beautiful" probably isn't the correct adjective :P)

Fashion: I bought some more things and wore a new outfit along with my new booties.  I learned that walking in heels is hard work (or perhaps re-learned is more appropriate: I used to wear heels regularly) and ended up with very sore feet.  But they looked gorgeous!

Word of the Week: Consciousness-raising.  There will be a post on this later this week!  Also, the commentator on the Slovakia-Paraguay game just described someone as "bedeviled".  Bedeviled is a cool word.

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