Friday, September 24, 2010

30 Days of Me: Day 16

Another photo? Really?  And I have to do even more later!  Greedy greedy, this is a blog, not a tumblr or a flickr or whatever!

In protest, I'm going to give you a photo not of me, but of a representation of me, and also a rather old photo that I really like.

This is the embroidery my Nana W did for our wedding.  I don't know who was doing it, but this little frame was like a ninja - I'd turn around and it would be there!  It moved all over the venue and was present during preparation, the ceremony, and the reception!  I think it's very cute.

Dave took this photo of me on the train from Wellington to Auckland in 2008.  I really, really love that train journey and I was so happy I could do it with Dave.  You see some of the most beautiful scenery, things that you would never see if you drive, and it means you can both relax and not worry about driving.  We were lucky that the train wasn't full, and the very nice conductor gave us a 4-person table seat instead of 2 sardine seats.

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