Friday, September 10, 2010

30 Days of Me: Day 2

Day 2 is all about the meaning behind my blog name.  As I mentioned yesterday, I used to play on a MUD.  My MUD usernames (and bboard usernames) were usually goddesses - Ishtar, Hestia, that kind of thing.  When I switched from the MUD to World of Warcraft, the server my friend was on was well-established and every single character name I tried was already taken.  In frustration, I started using the WoW random name generator.  Most of them were taken too, but I finally manged to find one that was free and sounded similar to my other themed names: Ilaeria.

Ilaeria became my WoW handle and I also used it elsewhere for user names, emails, and twitter.  At the peak of my WoW addiction, I got called Ilaeria far more often than I got called Jen.  Most people knew me by Ilaeria.  I managed to kick the WoW habit*, but I still used Ilaeria for twitter and other online identities.  So when it came to making a blog, it was the logical choice.

* If you object to me using the language of addiction for WoW, well, I guess you've never known someone who played WoW (or one of the other MMORPGs).  It seriously is an addiction.  As someone who is also an ex-smoker, I feel like I can compare the two.  WoW was expensive, anti-social, and hard to quit.  Just like I still get cigarette cravings after 6.5 years of being completely smoke-free (and 3 years before that of being mostly smoke-free), I still get WoW cravings after a year of being WoW-free.

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  1. I just realised that I didn't explain my tagline! "You never get wise, you only get older" is a line from my favourite Dandy Warhols song and my current fave song overall, Big Indian. When I heard it the first time it just resonated with me and I thought "Yes!" After turning 30 this year, I realised that I still know nothing, that age doesn't bring wisdom, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Wisest is he (or she!) who knows what he does not know, as Socrates was fond of saying.