Wednesday, September 29, 2010

30 Days of Me: Day 21

Today's prompt is "A picture of something that makes you happy".

As you're probably aware, I get homesick a lot.  I really miss New Zealand and look forward to the day I can move back, although that won't be for a few years yet.  What I miss the most is that feeling of home and belonging.  No matter how long I live in Australia, I will never be at home here.

What represents that feeling the most to me is Kawakawa Bay.  Around 30 minutes east of Papakura, the Bay and the surrounding area is one place I have to visit whenever I'm in Auckland.  My parents have a bach (beach house) there.

Driving to Kawakawa Bay, there's this moment when you are driving through farmland and then you sweep around a bend at the top of a hill and suddenly the Bay is there below you.  When the tide is in, this truly is the most beautiful place in the world to me.  It takes my breath away every time.  Unfortunately, due to the nature of the road, there's nowhere to stop and get a photo.  I really need to try to do that next time I'm there somehow though (or maybe Mum will do it for me, hint hint Mum, I know you're reading this!) because it is just so beautiful.

Instead, here is a photo of the Bay from sea level:

The photo doesn't do it justice.  If you live in Auckland, you really should visit the area if you've never been.

If you keep following the road from Papakura to Clevedon to Kawakawa Bay it eventually goes around to Kaiaua and you can keep going around to Thames.  Along this road is a lonely Fish and Chip shop that does the best fish and chips in New Zealand:

It's in the middle of freaking nowhere but the food is delicious.  It's a really popular stop for bikies who love doing a bike cruise along this road because it's so beautiful and has nice windy bits.

So there we go.  Kawakawa Bay is my happy place.

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