Wednesday, September 15, 2010

30 Days of Me: Day 7

Today's prompt is "a picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you".

Well that's easy.  Unfortunately it's three someones, but I'm sure you can all deal with that.  First up is my Mum and her Mum, Nana W:

And second is my Daddy's Mum, Nana D, who unfortunately passed away on the 10th of April this year:

These three women have all had a tremendous influence on me.  My Mum taught me that self-improvement and education is a lifelong journey and that you should never stop reaching.  Nana W taught me that taking pleasure in making gifts for others is far more rewarding than buying, and that family will always be there for you.  Nana D taught me that you should always take pride in yourself (no matter the circumstances), that there is nothing more pleasurable than a good book, that good manners are important in every situation, and that all problems can be solved with a nice cup of tea and a home-made biscuit.

Nana D was 98 when she died.  I went back to New Zealand to visit her when she was very ill and in and out of hospital a couple of weeks before it happened.  On the day I arrived, she was in hospital and preparing to come home.  My Aunt had taken a bag of clean clothes in to the hospital for her so she could come home feeling presentable.  Unfortunately, my Aunt hadn't chosen the right outfit.  Nana was appalled at the choice because the beads my Aunt had chosen didn't go with the dress and neither did the shoes.  She came home in her nightie and dressing gown because she was so mortified to be seen in a mismatched outfit!

This tiny woman was matriarch of a large, unruly family of five boys and two girls.  Her sons are all 6-footers or more, but they would all jump when she said jump!  My whole family miss her terribly every day.

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