Wednesday, September 29, 2010

OOTD: Legs Eleven

As I've mentioned before, my family always used to spend Christmas together at a caravan park called Awakeri Hot Springs.  One of the other highlights of this annual trip was the bingo.  My Poppa was the regular caller and I loved all the quaint little phrases that he called out with each number, like "snakes alive, fifty-five", "two fat ladies, eighty-eight", "clickety click, sixty-six"...and "legs eleven".  So when I was thinking of a title for this post, and thinking about legs, that was naturally the first connection my random brain made.

T-shirt: Mr Vintage
Mini: Torrid

Dave took this photo while I was still fiddling with my hair, before I was ready, and I actually really like it!  The mini is the same one from the other day, I love it, it's so comfortable and it makes me feel like a teenager again.  The t-shirt is from a fabulous NZ clothing store called Mr Vintage.  My sister introduced them to me a couple of years ago when she bought me a t-shirt from there for my birthday.  I have about 5 or 6 now.  This one I got on special when they did a lucky dip, I bought 3 without knowing what they would be and I ended up with some really cute ones.  It has the Mr Whippy van on it.  Super-cute!

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  1. I think I want to shorten my denim skirt. It needs at least 4 inches taken off it so that it's not so bottom heavy. Must find some way to do that!