Tuesday, September 7, 2010

OOTD: Rock Star Love

On Sunday I went to Tony Bianco in Harbour Town to try on some shoes that I was interested in from their website.  Unfortunately they didn't have any of the 3 pairs I wanted to try on.  Dave pointed out a pair of cute red suede boots but I was grumpy and hungry so we left and got fundraising sausages from Bunnings.

On the way out of the car park Dave mentioned the boots again and talked me in to going back.  So I went back and tried them on and I loved them!  So I bought them.  They were on sale!  Dave made me do it!

You can't tell from the pic, but they're ankle boots.  I love red shoes!  They're such a statement.  I now own 3 pairs: these ones, the red ballet flats from my last OOTD, and these pimped-out ruby slippers:

Which unfortunately I've never had an opportunity to wear again!

After I bought them (the boots I mean, not the ruby slippers), I spent two days formulating and discarding outfits to wear with them.  I tried on about three outfits this morning before deciding on this one:

Singlet: Jay Jays
Waistcoat: Crossroads
Jeans: JeansWest
Necklace: Gifted

I wasn't really happy with my pics this morning, my smile in this one looks really fake!  Oh well.  I love this vest and should really wear it more often.  I felt my outfit today was a bit Rock Star like and it reminded me of the last time I wore this vest, which was for my Rock Star-themed Hens Night.

After the jump is some gratuitous nudity!

You didn't think the nudity would be of me, did you?  This is at my above-mentioned Hens Night, obviously!


  1. Ohh! Those shoes are great! I love the colour! Red shoes are the best!!

  2. Oh how I love red shoes! I envy you being able to wear heels - plantars fasciitis prevents me from ever wearing them again, sob! I had a beautiful pair of "ruby slippers" (red crushed velvet) but alas, they now live in my wardrobe sadly neglected.