Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Shower Guy

My employer's office shares a floor in an office tower with about half a dozen other businesses.  On the floor we have male and female bathrooms, and a disabled bathroom that also includes shower facilities.  These bathrooms are shared between all of the businesses and are located directly outside our office.

Several weeks ago, my evening co-workers and I started noticing that someone was using the shower in the late evening. After several observations, we compile a picture of the man's (henceforth referred to as The Shower Guy) routine:
  • Walk down the shared hallway from his office at the end of the hallway to the disabled bathroom, wearing only shorts (no shirt)
  • Take shower
  • Return to his office wearing only a towel
  • During the above steps, sing loudly and also make random loud shouting noises
At first I assumed that perhaps he thought he was alone on the floor at that time of the evening.  But after several hallway encounters that resulted in no change to his behaviour, I realised that wasn't the case.  After a couple of incidents on weekends when I was alone in our office, which made me feel very uncomfortable, I spoke to our office manager.  This discussion revealed that The Shower Guy also performs the same routine early in the morning, and has on several occasions encountered entire groups of employees from our office and other offices as they arrived on the floor for the day.

Before we took the matter further, we thought we would give The Shower Guy a polite notice that his behaviour was not appropriate.  So we laminated the below sign and stuck it on the wall next to the shower controls:

Unfortunately, the sign had disappeared by the following morning.  While we weren't certain who removed it, logic suggests it was The Shower Guy himself.  Still, we gave him a couple of days to see if his behaviour changed.  It did not, and so we moved on to Phase Two: a still-polite but more firmly-worded letter to the manager of his office:

As you can see, this was a couple of weeks ago.  The Shower Guy is still following his regular routine, although he does seem to have quietened down slightly (sometimes - he was almost silent tonight, but very noisy on the weekend).  The fact that our letter had minimal impact suggests to me that he is in fact the manager.

We have notified our Body Corporate Manager but nothing has happened so far.  And so, for your viewing pleasure, I present: The Shower Guy!

The picture quality is not fabulous, because I turned off the flash.  But you can clearly see that he is wearing only a towel.

If you know The Shower Guy, please tell him to put some goddamn clothes on!

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