Friday, October 1, 2010

30 Days of Me: Day 22 & 23

Another combined post, sorry.  In my defense, Dave's grandmother passed away yesterday morning.  My posting over the next few days may be sporadic, because we are going to Adelaide on Monday for the funeral on Wednesday, returning early Thursday morning.  I'll try to schedule some posts over the next couple of days, but you have been warned.

Day 22
What makes me different from everyone else?  Well, there's two ways to interpret this: one, what factors have made me different, or two, what features of mine are different from other people's.  Just for laughs, let's do both!

What factors make me different?  My upbringing is the big one obviously, but then my sister and I are very different and had very similar upbringings, so it can't all be that.  Genetics then, clearly have a place (I've discussed nature vs. nurture before).  The fact that I've moved around so often also plays a part, as well as all the various jobs I've had.  The choices I've made, big and small.  The events that have affected me, big and small.  And the people I've crossed paths with, for a brief or long time.

What are some things about me that are different?  Well of course we're all different, aren't we?  But I think probably my stand-out difference is my accent, which I've mentioned way back on Day 1.  It confuses people daily, and I get a question about it every couple of days (although that's partly because I take calls at work from customers all over the world).  I like it being unplaceable (apparently that's not a word, according to Chrome's built-in dictionary, so look, I just made up a word!).

Day 23
There's lots of things I crave for a lot.  If you re-read my Day 1 post when I linked it up there, you probably saw me craving for a bagel from Wholly Bagel.  I usually crave for NZ food, because while I can usually find things like Toffee Pops and Griffins Gingernuts, they are pretty expensive.  I also tend to get cheeseburger cravings when I'm hormonal.  Recently I've had to cut out chocolate on the advice of my acupuncturist, and while I haven't had too many cravings for that yet I'm sure I will soon.

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