Thursday, October 7, 2010

30 Days of Me: Day 29

So here we are, on the penultimate day of this 30 Day Challenge.  I'm not sure if today's prompt is about what I've learned from this challenge, or simply an agglomeration of what I've learned in general over the last 30 days.

In any case, I find that hard to pin down.  I'm the sort of person who is always learning, always questioning, always researching.  I have a tendency to go off on a tangent.  I look up things I don't understand and then an hour later I realise I've followed a link trail so far I don't even know where I started from.  I see a statistic and I look up the source.  I watch a move and I read all the trivia about it on IMDb.  I read a bunch of blogs every day.  And of course I'm also studying, so I have my learning for my courses to throw into the mix.

And why should I focus on what I've already learned anyway?  Why can't I think about what I'm going to learn instead?  What will I learn next week, or tomorrow, or five minutes from now?  What will I re-learn that I've forgotten?  What will I learn that will radically change how I view everything else I've already learned?  I'd rather be like Socrates - wise because I admit that I know nothing.

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