Friday, October 8, 2010

Outfit of the Day: Rainy Day Women

Yesterday I promised two of my co-workers, @missrbit and @misskelt, that if my new clothes from Beth Ditto at Evans turned up I would wear a new outfit and some heels today.  Well, my package from Evans arrived first thing this morning, and so of course I had to keep my promise!  Because it was rainy on the Goldy today, I wore my booties with my flower dress, and I think the outfit was hawt!

Tights: We Love Colors (Black)
Booties: Miss Shop at Myer

I absolutely love this dress.  It fits me perfectly - it's like it was custom-made.  The rouching on the front is pockets.  It's super-cute and totally different from my normal outfits.  I'll be able to wear it alone in Summer and layer it up in Winter.  Easily my favourite item of clothing in my wardrobe right now!

Here is a view from the back:

The highlight of the dress for me is the V at the back.  I didn't realise it was like that when I bought it.  It perfectly frames my tattoo.  Also, the shaping through the skirt makes my arse look amazing!


The tattoo on my back is the first one I got.  After I decided I wanted a tattoo, I spent nearly a year researching and scouring the internet looking for the perfect piece when I finally found this, uncredited, on a website of Pagan icons and stuff.  It has various symbols from around the world that mean balance and harmony.  On the escalator on the way to work today a lady commented on my "kick-ass" tattoo :)  The one on my arm is a band of Celtic hounds.  I got the design from a book about Celtic illuminated manuscripts.  I wanted something that was a little bit different from a regular armband and reflected me, and wanted bright colours.  I have plans for at least 3 more - a phoenix on my other arm, a silver fern on the inside of my right wrist, and some script around an ankle.  Just need to find the time and money to do them!


  1. Oh! That dress is soooo good! It looks like it was made for you!

  2. Squee!! You totally rock this dress, DAMN fine!

  3. Thanks lovely :) Was very happy with it!