Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Big50 Day 11: Chocolate

Ah, chocolate.  I have a sweet tooth, I'll admit that freely.  I get it from my Daddy, who always has to have chocolate in the fridge.  One of the things my Naturopath and Acupuncturist said I had to cut was chocolate, because it heats me up, apparently.  I've cut my chocolate consumption right down, but I still have a little bit every few days.

My favourite chocolate is Whittakers Dark Ghana.  It's so rich, you can only have a few squares at a time.  And they're a New Zealand brand, so that's an added bonus!  It can sometimes be hard to find all their varieties here, and when they bring out a new flavour in New Zealand it can take a while for it to cross the Tasman, but I can generally find the Dark Ghana fairly easily.  Whittakers are also supporters of Fair Trade, and don't use palm oil or genetically modified ingredients in any of their products, so they're a good choice!

I also have a huge weakness for Guylian Seashells.  The hazelnut praline in the centre is just divine.  Guylian Seashells are my preferred chocolate bribe, in case you ever need me to do you a favour!

Chocolate is very much an emotionally comforting food for me.  I crave it when I'm hormonal, or emotional.  Chocolate is also great to share!  Most people won't say no to chocolate.  What's your favourite chocolate flavour?

This post is part of my Big50 blogging challenge series.


  1. Top of my list would be Lindt dark chocolate with chili. My daughter shares your seashell affinity.

  2. I like the Lindt chocolate too, but not the chili one! I've tried a few different chocolate chili brands now and none of them do it for me :)

  3. mmmmm Guylian.... damnit, now I feel like some! :-(

  4. I think I'm the only person on the planet who hates hazelnut. Blech.

    Not sure which chocolate is my favourite though. I've become such a chocolate snob as I've got older. I won't touch Cadbury or Nestle or any cheap brands (except for Cadbury coconut rough for some reason) and will only abide by white "chocolate" (which is technically not chocolate) if it's an ingredient in something.

    I like some of the smaller chocolatiers. Haigh's are... wow. The Margaret River Chocolate Factory is amazing. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is fantastic too.