Monday, November 8, 2010

Big50 Day 3: Weather

Living on the Gold Coast means our weather is pretty mild.  Even in winter, the temperature rarely drops to single digits*, even overnight.  In summer, it's unusual to get over 30 degrees.  Most of the year the temperature hovers around the mid to high 20s, although the humidity does make it seem hotter than it is.

Of course, that was plenty hot enough for me when we moved up here from Hobart.  We moved in the middle of a particularly hot, dry summer, and I hated it.  I had a headache all the time and felt miserable and was sure the move was a huge mistake.  Now, I've acclimatised, and find that when I visit New Zealand I feel the cold much more than I used to!

Apart from the temperature, the most notable thing about the Gold Coast is the rain.  It's very unusual to get a week straight with no rain, and it's always humid.  We also get a lot of thunderstorms, which my dog, Phoebe, hates.  The rain so frequently comes in the form of thunderstorms that Phoebe is now even scared of the rain.  She hides under my desk and hyperventilates.

Of course, when the Gold Coast turns it on, the weather can be fabulous, and those are the days that I love.  Clear blue skies, warm days, and rain overnight are my ideal weather conditions!

Naturally, temperatures mentioned are in Celsius.

This post is part of my Big50 blogging challenge series.


  1. I love the tropical climate in Queensland! When would you recommend the best time of year is to visit? I've been trying to get the hubby there for ages!!

  2. This time of year (October-November) the weather is usually pretty settled, and if it rains it's usually at night. It's before the crazy Summer season and after the Middle Eastern tourist season. Otherwise, March-April is usually pretty good too!