Saturday, November 13, 2010

Big50 Day 8: Pets

For most of my life, I've had at least one cat and one dog.  Growing up, we had one of each, plus various fish, birds, and even a chinchilla.  My first pet was a cat named Solitaire.  My parents had had her since before I was born, so naturally, she hated my guts.  Even as a five-year-old, I understood that when she started letting me pat her, that was the beginning of the end.

After Solitaire died, we got Sharna, who was supposed to be a pure-bred Himalayan but turned out to be just a moggy after her mother "got a bit friendly with the local Tom" as my Daddy put it.  She was grey and shaggy and definitely knew I was the softy in the family.  She was put outside at night, and as soon as Mum put her out, she'd run around the side of the house, jump on my windowsill, and meow to be let in.  Mum would find her curled up smugly on my bed in the morning!

Shortly after we got Sharna, we also got my first dog, Jem.  Jem was a pure-bred Keeshond and was simply the nicest dog.  My Daddy is like the dog whisperer, dogs just naturally follow him and do what he says, and we never had any trouble with obedience with our dogs.

I've been through several other cats, who have come and gone from my life for various reasons.  My current fur babies are one dog and two cats.


Phoebe is currently my oldest fur baby.  I got her when she was a few months old in mid-2001, making her nearly 10 now.  She's kind of awkward-looking - no one knows quite what she is.  Her body is just a touch too long, and her legs a tiny bit too short.  I'm fairly certain she has some Kelpie in her, and some Staffie, and maybe some Rottie, but really, who knows?  She's moved from Wellington to Auckland to Hobart to the Gold Coast with me - she's been with me longer than anyone.  She's mellowed out in her old age - she used to be a complete menace - but she's also gotten more neurotic.  She's terrified of thunderstorms, to the point where even just rain makes her cower in fear.  She's getting very grey around her muzzle now too.


Jeddah is the elder of our two cats, and has her own Twitter.  We acquired her when a co-worker at my old job was moving to a new rental property and couldn't keep her.  I took her home, and when Dave got home I said, "now, don't be mad, but we have a cat now."  He got used to her eventually (he never had a cat when he was growing up) and is now a cat lover as well as a dog lover.  Jeddah has a very piercing meow and will "talk" to you if you meow at her.  She also purrs very loudly, and is a kneader - she won't settle on you until she's kneaded with her paws for 5 minutes.  Her nickname is "Buddha".  I'm sure you can see why.  She is about 5 years old now.


Bubbles is the youngest of our fur babies.  A few months after we moved in here in early 2007, our elderly neighbour knocked on the door while I was at home and Dave was at work.  In the palm of his hand was a tiny ball of fluff and fleas.  He had found her in the park when he was out for a walk and knew we already had one cat, and wanted to know if we wanted this kitten.  How could I say no?  I gave her a bath and cleaned her up, and when Dave got home, I said, "now, don't be mad, but look! We got a kitten!"  And of course he couldn't say no either.  Bubbles totally adores Phoebe - she grooms her and snuggles up with her and comforts her when she is freaking out over a thunderstorm.  She and Jeddah get on okay, but Jeddah is a bit more independent.  Bubbles got her name from a Blackadder episode in Season 1, it's short for Beelzebubbles.  Her nickname is "Smoochy" because she's a very smoochy cat!

I love my fur babies and could never be without them!  Do you have any pets?

This post is part of my Big50 blogging challenge series.


  1. Fur babies! My dogs are MY LIFE. Seeing my partener & I aren't sure we want kids, and I've been told it will be very difficult for me to have them naturally, I plan on being an animal Mum forever. My babies are 2 dogs, Frodo & Ginny. I would LOVE to have a cat, but atm, my boyfriend is saying NO!

  2. I love my two dogs :)
    We got Heidi - heeler cross(7) when she was a few months old and in need of a home. She's so amazing and has been through a LOT with us. My hubby has a really special bond with her.
    Last Christmas we got Blitz (Lab/German Shepherd x). She's gorgeous, bouncy, naughty and cuddly. The hubby wasn't sure about a second dog but it was time Heidi had a companion :)
    He loves her but he never admits it!

  3. I want a chinchilla. Friends of mine in the US had one, and Chinchy and I became BFF's while I was there. Sadly Chinchy passed away a little while after I came home. I miss Chinchy.

    Your furbabies are adorbz.

  4. The chinchilla was cute, but it had this weird fetish for rubber. It would chew on electrical cords, it ate the buttons off the TV remotes...We had to chinch-proof the lounge whenever we let it out of it's cage!

    Natalie and Kez, your fur babies also sound adorable!