Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Big50 Day 21: Mothers

Looking back over my blog, I seem to have mentioned my Mum quite a lot.  As I've said before, the older I get, the more I appreciate my Mum and the influence she's had on me.

I also know a lot of mothers.  I'm at the age now where a lot of people I know have had children, so I have several friends who are mothers.  And of course, as you all know, I want to be a mother myself more than anything else.

I'm lucky that I have such a good relationship with my Mum and my mother-in-law.  Many people don't have a mother, or have a bad relationship with their mother.

What's the biggest influence your mother has had on your life?

This post is part of my Big50 blogging challenge series.


  1. She taught me that family do not love you unconditionally by default and that parents are not necessarily the ones that have your best interests at heart. She taught me who I do not want to be. She taught me that coldness and disinterest are poisonous to all around you.

    It's harsh, but not everyone's parents are good people.

  2. Oh, I agree. That's why I said I'm lucky. I can't pretend to understand that it's like, Kath - what you've been through - and I'm sorry if my post was triggering for you in any way.