Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Big50 Day 23: Sports

Sports are an integratal part of NZ (and Oz) society.  It's impossible to completely avoid coverage of sports, even if you have no interest in them.  So it's lucky I have plenty of interest!

I played netball as a child, like plenty of New Zealand girls, and played indoor netball as an adult.  My father plays cricket - he's a wicketkeeper.  His employer has a big cricket tournament each year at a different city in NZ.  My grandfather (his father) apparently also played cricket.  Dad likes joking that Granddad played cricket at the MCG - which is technically true: he played for Marton at the Marton Cricket Ground - but obviously misleading!  My other grandfather played lawn bowls and tenpin bowls.  You certainly couldn't call me sporty, but I do enjoy playing various sports.

Of course, I also watch a lot of sports.  Rugby (Union, of course!) and cricket are my favourites, but I'll also happily watch soccer or rugby league, and can now watch an Aussie Rules game and have a vague idea what's going on.  When I moved to Wellington and discovered my spiritual home, I immediately switched my allegiance from the Counties-Manukau rugby teams to the Wellington ones!  I'm a big Hurricanes fan, and also support the Lions (NZ rugby domestic) and Phoenix (soccer, the NZ team in the Australian A-League).

There's quite a lot of rivalry between NZ and Australia when it comes to sports.  NZ is usually better than Australia at rugby union, but generally the Aussies have the upper hand in everything else.  However, we did win the rugby league this year, to the disgust of the boys at work.  In NZ, you can get t-shirts that read "I support two teams: the All Blacks, and anyone playing Australia".  I'm not quite that one-eyed, but things can occasionally get a bit heated in our household when NZ and Australia are playing each other!

The boys in the IT and Marketing departments run a weekly Betting Club, which I also participate in (as the only girl and also only Customer Service).  I usually do alright, even though this is my tactic for picking bets, depending on the sports on offer each week:

  1. Pick a Wellington team
  2. If none available, pick a NZ team
  3. If none available, pick a Gold Coast team
  4. If none available, pick a team Dave supports (although I've been forbidden from picking Liverpool this year due to their unreliability)
  5. If none available, pick a team with a cool name (this is also my tactic for picking my horse)
Not very scientific, hmm?  What sports do you play or follow?

This post is part of my Big50 blogging challenge series.

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  1. I'm not really much of a sports fan, but I do love AFL. It's the only sport I can actually watch and get into at all.

    Go the Lions!