Thursday, December 16, 2010

Big50 Day 30: Friends

I've never really been a person with a huge circle of friends, and for most of my life, I've had more guy friends than girl friends.  In primary school, I had one good friend, and when we were getting ready to transition to intermediate I was worried we wouldn't be in the same class.  My teacher assured me that we would be - but when we started school, we weren't.  Unfortunately I lost that friend.  But I made several new ones.

One of these friends, Helen, I mentioned yesterday.  We were best friends from intermediate right through to the end of high school.  Sure, we had fights (mostly over boys), but we always bounced back.  We both had a slightly kooky way of viewing the world that others just didn't get.  We had two other friends, Kim and Kelly, and several boy friends as well (boy friends, not boyfriends, although we both dated several of them at various times).  When we got to high school, we made another friend, Shiloh.  She moved in across the road from me, and I'll never forget the first day of high school, when she approached me and said, "Hi! I'm Shiloh, I live across the road from you, do you want to be my friend?"  And so she joined our circle.  Shiloh could have easily ended up with the cool crowd - she was pretty and outgoing and did Drama, not Music, but her location across the street from me cemented her in our group.

Most of us stayed friends up to the end of high school, and then some through the first year of university.  Then I moved to a different city, and lost contact with pretty much everyone.  I made some new friends, but it was never the same.  Then I moved to another city, then another...I lost some friends and gained others, and then regained old friends through Facebook.

These days, most of my friends are from work, although I do have some old friends, and some friends I've met online that I've never met in person (and still others that I have).  I still find it hard to make friends - I can be quite outspoken and sometimes forget that people don't always appreciate that - but I feel comfortable in the circles I'm in right now.

Geez, I thought this post was going to be hard, but it's a pretty long one!  How do you make friends?

This post is part of my Big50 blogging challenge series.

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