Friday, December 17, 2010

Big50 Day 33: Webcomics

Several years ago now, my friend in the US introduced me to my first webcomic - Penny Arcade.  I love Gabe's artwork and Tycho's scathing wit.  Even though I'm only a casual gamer (I only own one console, a Wii, gasp!), I still love reading about games - but the comic isn't really about games.  It's about two dudes who really, really love games.  They also run one of my favourite charities - Child's Play.

Penny Arcade led me to PVPOnline, which is kind of like a rival gaming webcomic.  Both comics frequently mention the other.  PVP has more of an ensemble cast, so it has a more diverse range of storylines, but it's also at its heart a comic about two guys (Cole and Brent) who really love games.

Back when I played World of Warcraft (did I mention that I'm happy I've kicked that habit?), another friend introduced me to Looking For Group, which is basically an ongoing graphic novel.  It draws heavily on WoW and other MMORPGs as well as regular RPGs, but also fantasy novels (especially Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series) and miscellaneous pop culture.  I love the warlock, Richard.  For Pony!

LFG led me to another comic by the same pair of Ryan Sohmer and Lar DeSouza, Least I Could Do (NSFW, more often than not).  This one is about a guy called Rayne who is cute and uh, well-endowed, a total ladies' man, but also a colossal nerd.

I've read xkcd on and off over the years, like most nerds, but am currently in the process of reading the archives.  xkcd is, well, it's kind of hard to explain, so I'll use the explanation on the site: "A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language."  It has stick figures.  If you're a nerd, you're probably already reading it, and if you're not, you probably won't get it (I don't get half of it!).

Someone I follow on Twitter (alas, I've forgotten who it was now), posted a Dinosaur Comics strip and I checked it out.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that a comic that uses exactly the same artwork in nearly every strip could have such a wide range of storylines.  I'm still working my way through the archive (there's a lot!).

A blogger I read (also alas, I've forgotten who it was now), posted a Two Lumps strip about Thanksgiving shortly before Thanksgiving, and I was amazed I had never come across it before.  A webcomic about two cats, kind of like a cat version of Pinky and the Brain?  I read my way through the archives over a few days and now am a loyal follower.  My next two cats will be called Eben and Snooch!

Two Lumps led me to Cleopatra in Spaaaace!, a webcomic about, well, Cleopatra in space...It takes a young Cleopatra and writes a comic about what she would be like if she'd been born thousands of years later.  It's another one like LFG - essentially an ongoing graphic novel.

So there you have it.  The 8 webcomics I follow currently.  I'm sure there's plenty more out there that are excellent.  If you have a recommendation, let me know!

This post is part of my Big50 blogging challenge series.

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