Saturday, December 25, 2010

Big50 Day 50: Christmas

As an Atheist, I obviously don't celebrate Christmas for the religious aspect of it, but even when I was a kid, that was never what Christmas was about to my family.  Christmas to me is about family, and Summer, and road trips, and collective cooking at my parents' beach house.  It's about rain (nearly always rains on Christmas Day, and today is no exception!), and the sound of a tent zip opening in the early morning stillness, and about sharing and giving gifts.

This is my fifth year in a row that I haven't been home for Christmas ("home" being NZ, obviously).  I told Dave that no matter what, we are going to NZ for Christmas next year!  I've already booked my annual leave with work.  I normally get quite Grinchy at Christmas, because it reminds me that I'm not home.  But I also find that Christmas can bring out the worst, as well as the best, in people.  Pushing, shoving, rude, abusive people flood the streets and the shops.  People go crazy with Christmas lights.  This year, there's been reindeer horns and red noses on every second car.  There's extra shop people everywhere, blaring out specials on portable microphones and speakers, or aggressively shoving pamphlets into your hands.  But there's also random acts of kindness, and a collective effort to go the extra mile.

I hope you have a wonderful, stress-free Christmas, if you celebrate it, and if you celebrate a different holiday, I hope you enjoy that (or have already enjoyed that).

This post is part of my Big50 blogging challenge series, which is now finally over!

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