Saturday, December 11, 2010

OOTD: Christmas Drinks!

Friday night was our company Christmas drinks.  We started at Central and then, when the bar tab ran out, moved across the road to Picture.  Picture is owned by an ex-coworker and her husband and we wanted to check it out!  It's absolutely gorgeous, if you're on the Gold Coast you should definitely pay them a visit.

The decoration is amazing.  They have fabulous booths which are usually really expensive to book, but they were pretty quiet so we managed to score one for free.  When the group of us turned up, mostly drunk (not me, I was driving!) and slurring about how we knew the owners, the duty manager must have thought we were having them on.  We managed to convince them we were genuine somehow, and they let us all in, even some of the boys that weren't really dressed nicely enough.

I decided that, as it was Christmas, I should accessorise in Christmas colours.  What better than my Fat necklace and my Wittner clogs?

Necklace: Definatalie
Belt: City Chic
Clogs: Wittner

When I was planning the outfit, I decided that what it really needed to tie it all together was a red belt.  So I went out and bought this ruffled one from City Chic.  I don't usually wear belts.  I don't even remember the last time I bought one (until I bought this one).  I own 3 (including this one), two of which came free with other things.  But I think the dress with the red accessories looks great!  It was dressy enough to wear out, but not too dressy that I didn't feel too overdressed at work - I was going to the drinks straight from work and didn't want the hassle of getting changed!

We've had a couple of weeks of rain, but we had one gorgeous day in the middle of it all yesterday, which was great!  I got a sunny OOTD post for a change, and I didn't have to walk in the rain while we were out in Surfers.

I really, really love this dress, and these shoes, and this necklace.  To have them all together in one outfit is fabulous!


  1. This outfit is fantastic! I love how your brightened it all up with the red accents! I love that dress so so so much!!

  2. Thanks Natalie :) So do I! Definitely my favourite item in my wardrobe!

  3. The red works so well with that dress. Cute!