Tuesday, January 4, 2011

OOTD: Sunshine Safari

The weather here on the Gold Coast has cleared up enough that we're getting entire days with no rain!  Unfortunately that means it's also quite hot and humid.  But at least I can wear cute shoes and shorts without worrying about the rain!

I'd been looking for some more shorts that are nice enough for me to wear to work for a while, because it really is too hot to wear jeans, but I can't wear skirts every day because it's too uncomfortable.  My friend, the always-fabulous Fat Heffalump, directed me to the Autograph sale, so I dropped in there when I was in Robina on Monday.  I snaffled 2 pairs of shorts for work, 1 pair of more casual shorts, 1 pair of board shorts, and a long crinkle skirt for $50 total!  I was very happy.

Today I decided to go for an all neutral colour palette which reminded me a bit of safari colours:

Cami: Torrid
Shorts: Autograph
Clogs: Wittner

Oh, would you look at that?  It seems I bought another pair of clogs from Wittner!  I saw these on the lovely Fashion Hayley and wanted them so bad.  But I restrained myself until I could get them super-cheap, then snapped them up!

Pretty cute, huh?


  1. Fabulous finds! I went to the Autograph sale but couldn't find anything I really liked. I tried on a couple of dresses but the material was kind of icky. Those shoes are gorgeous!

  2. Stop tempting me with clogs woman!

  3. Haha, sorry :) I'm really loving my clogs, they're very easy to walk in and really comfortable!