Tuesday, March 29, 2011

OOTD: I Can Has Cheezburger?

While I don't browse I Can Has Cheezburger as avidly as I used to, a few weeks ago I was killing time on the site when I saw the LOLMart t-shirt of the day was Cleocatra.  This t-shirt combined four of my favourite things: red t-shirts, cats, ancient history, and general geekiness.  So of course I had to buy it.  Finally, a month later it arrived, as awesome as I expected!

The fabric is nice and soft but also thick, not flimsy.  The length is perfect.  The size is generous - I got the womens XL and it's more than ample.  Super happy!

Unfortunately, I can't say the same for some other clothes I ordered around the same time.  More info after the jump!

I bought a lot of Ezibuy clothes when I was younger.  A LOT.  Ezibuy are quite popular in NZ, and Mum also bought a lot of her clothes there.  The arrival of a new catalogue in our mailbox was always exciting for me.  I'd pore over it, folding the corner of each page that had something I wanted until almost every page was folded.  There would be negotiations over my spending limit.  Then I would try to choose the things that would make the most of my budget - specials, pieces that I could wear in several different ways or that I thought would last a few seasons.  I was nearly always happy with the result and don't remember too many failures.

When I moved to Oz and found that there was Ezibuy here too, I was happy - they were a tried-and-true brand that I knew had clothes in my size.  But it seems they aren't as popular here, and as my size increased, my options decreased.  I can still usually buy things in their largest straight-size, but not everything in the catalogue runs that large, and some styles I know will just not work in the larger sizes.  But their plus-size collection, Sara, is often disappointing - so much of it is shapeless, muted colours and three times the price of a comparable product from the straight-size collection.  My arse is NOT that big!

I still get the catalogue delivered, however, and a few weeks ago when they had a sale I picked up a few things that I wanted to fill some holes in my wardrobe.  Unfortunately, pretty much everything was a disappointment.  Let's go through each item one by one.

Capture Lace Trim Camisole - I bought this in the Sea Grass Spot colour, size 20.  The cut is really bad - they basically just made the top wider and made the straps (which are adjustable) longer.  But that means that to have the top not right up in my armpits, its too low-cut - and the hem length is too short.  Also, the spots started wearing off after the first wash, and the lace is scratchy and poor quality.  It's still salvageable as a layering piece, but not the staple I was expecting.

Emerge Spot Tee With Sleeve Detail - I got this in Mango/White, size 18.  I love the colour, and the fabric is a really nice slinky stretchy fabric.  But unfortunately I either didn't notice that the cut is crooked, or it stretched in the wash somehow - because it's all out of shape after I washed it.  When I wear it, it's ok, but it really needs to be tucked in because the hem isn't even, although in their defense that could be my fault.  The best of the order.

Essentials 3/4 Leggings - Very basic leggings for the cooler months that were on special and are now out of stock.  I got Black XXL.  Haven't worn them yet so I'm reserving judgment for now.

Essentials Stretch Ruched Sleeve Top - What a drama this top has been.  In the catalogue I received in the mail, and on the website at the time, the colour listed simply as "Spot" had a swatch of black with white spots, which is what I wanted - I'd recently bought a black wiggle skirt and had visions of pairing the skirt with the top and red accessories.  Unfortunately, when the top arrived, it was brown with black spots (the swatch on the site has now been changed to reflect this, presumably after they received several complaints like mine).  It took me 10 minutes of explaining on the phone and repeating myself over and over to get the customer service person to understand the problem.  I have sympathy for customer service staff, because I am one myself, but how many times do I have to say "it's supposed to be black with white spots, but mine is brown with black spots".  NO, it's not that the colour is faulty and faded or something - it's a completely different colour!  They finally said they would send me a replacement for the "faulty" item.  Unsurprisingly, the replacement also had the same issue.  Another call, and this time they said that because I was doing a "replacement" and not a "faulty" I would have to make a new payment and my previous one would be refunded.  I was too disappointed to argue, but I probably should have.  My colour options were Teal (the model colour on the site at the moment), Black, or Passionberry.  Passionberry?  Seriously?  That was too close to pink for me, so I got the teal.  But the teal is much darker than I was expecting.  And I really wanted black with white spots!  I'm keeping it - it's still wearable in plenty of other ways - but it will never be the top I ordered and will forever be a disappointment.

Essentials Denim Leggings - I wore these today for the first time.  I had come around by the end of the day, but at first they were another disappointment.  The fabric is very heavy - nearly as heavy as regular jeans - and not super-stretchy, as well as a bit scratchy.  The zip and button is on the side and quite flimsy, and I'm certain the zip won't last very long.  The lower calf section is generous, nearly too generous to tuck into boots really, but I managed to successfully today:

I'm satisfied with the leggings overall, and honestly, if I'd ordered them on their own, I would probably have upgraded that to "happy" - but with the disappointment with the rest of the order, even the good things seem worse than I expected.

I don't normally wear jeans tucked into boots so this is a bit of a different look for me.  Sadly, my beloved Betts biker boots are on their last legs - the boots are coming away from the soles in places, and the heels are wearing through.  So I need to add long boots to my list of wants.

So, overall, very disappointed with my most recent Ezibuy order.  I'm not sure if I'll risk another order in future.  But super-happy with my LOLMart t-shirt!

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  1. I forgot to mention with the leggings - I have the same problem with the cut as I do with most pants from Ezibuy - too high in the front, too low and gapey in the back. They probably sit just fine for people with a different body shape to me, but they don't suit my shape, unfortunately.