Sunday, July 10, 2011

30 Day Book Challenge: Day 3

Your Favourite Series

Man, this is a hard one.  My favourite genre is fantasy, which lends itself to epic series-spanning stories.  The majority of fantasy books are part of a series, or at the very least, part of a shared universe.  So it was incredibly difficult for me to choose just one series as my favourite.

In the end, I really had to settle for the Harry Potter series.  It's easily my most re-read series on my bookshelf.  Each time a new book came out, I devoured it in one sitting in one day.  I always re-read the entire series before each new book and each new movie, meaning that the early books I can just about recite from memory.

I love the series because, even though the books are aimed at teenagers, they never patronise or dumb things down.  And there are so many tiny details - everything is important, everything is connected.  Every time I do a re-read I discover something new.  The characters have a depth and relatability that is lacking in many other popular books.  Her female characters are strong and independent and have inherent self-worth that is not tied to a male character.  Rowling's writing style is tight and not flamboyant, and her ability to coin new words to fit her invented universe is amazing.  There are certain scenes throughout the series that never fail to make me weep, and others that never fail to bring a smile to my face.

I admit I was a late convert to Harry Potter.  I think it was when Book 3 (Prisoner of Azkaban) came out that a friend finally convinced me to start reading.  But from that moment, I was hooked, and I've never looked back.

The 8th and final movie based on the series opens this week.  It really is the end of an era.  I'm excited for the movie, but also sad, because it means there is no more Harry Potter.  But I'm also glad that Rowling stuck with her plan of 7 books and didn't drag out the series or get bogged down.  She had a plan right from the start, and it shows.

Of course, I don't think anyone would be surprised if Rowling writes more books in the universe.  She certainly could, if she choose to.  But I personally hope she doesn't.  I think the story stands on its own.  It's a story I hope to one day share with my own children.


  1. I love what you've written and I live Harry Potter (and Rowling) for the same reasons too! I have a half written blog post about HP too with many of the same points. :)

  2. I love Harry Potter too, it's up in my top series. It just transports me into the world of Hogwarts and magic so easily, and I attached to so many of the characters on such a deep level.

    Neville Longbottom for king of the world!