Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Postcrossing: USA

This card is actually holographic ("lenticular" is what the sender calls it), so it didn't scan too well.  You can just make out the ghost of the second image where the bear has caught the fish.  On the back:
Hi Jennifer.  I hope you like this lenticular postcard.  I love them, especially this one, with the bear munching on a fish.  We are on a cruise to Alaska, and having a wonderful time.  No bears sighted yet, but I hope if I do, I see the bear before it sees me.  Best wishes - Shannah.
She also drew a little smiley face.  The stamp is a Christmas-themed one.  I love that she is on holiday from another part of the USA but still was keeping up with her Postcrossing!

So far, all 4 of the postcards I have received are from women.  Of the 13 I've sent, only 3 have been to men.  It seems to be more popular amongst women for some reason, although I'm not sure why.

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