Saturday, July 2, 2011

Postcrossing: Germany

*NOTE: Due to an issue with Blogger not letting me upload pictures, my posts about my postcards have been delayed.  This post was originally written on 22 June.  I've updated and edited it to make it less confusing.

A few weeks ago I joined Postcrossing.  I'd been meaning to do so for ages and just never got around to it.  But after I saw the fabulous postcards one of my favourite bloggers, GnomeAngel, was getting from around the world, I finally joined.

I've sent 13 cards so far: one each to Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, and USA; two each to Finland and Taiwan; and three to Germany.  I had been buying them individually, the tourist-style ones from post offices and so on, but I decided to buy a box of 100 Penguin book cover postcards from Fishpond that will keep me going for a while!

I've been eagerly checking my mailbox every day for my first postcard, and it finally arrived on my birthday, no less!

On the back:
Greetings from my birth- and work town Berlin, the capital of Germany.  I live in a suburb, I am married, have an adult daughter, a dog and my profession is midwife.  Take care, Helwyne. 
She wrote her messsage sideways, which I thought was cute and unusual.  The stamp is a picture of a cathedral.  I would love to visit Berlin and see the Brandenburg Gate so I was thrilled this was my first card!

P.S. Sorry for all the edits, but I think I finally have this post right now!

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