Friday, July 22, 2011

Postcrossing: Germany

It was Postcrossing's 6th birthday last week, and to mark the occasion they allowed all users to send an extra 6 postcards.  It seems that an awful lot of people took advantage of this, because on the day that promotion was running their site was very slow.  Then today I received FOUR postcards!  A veritable torrent!  This is the first (and cutest): I'll spread the others over the next few days.

Kittens!  Squee!  They remind me of Bubbles when she was a kitten.  This card is from another child, so once again I won't publish what she wrote, but I will share the quote she shared with me:
Glück ist Liebe.  Wer lieben kann, ist glücklich.
The quote is from Herman Hesse, and translates as "Happiness is love.  Someone who can love is happy."  Thanks to @blauerpunto for the translation!

The sender also put some very cute matryoshka-style stickers on the back of the card in bright colours.  The stamp is of a Ballonblume, a type of aster flower.

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