Friday, July 15, 2011

Postcrossing: Romania

The castles on this card are so beautiful.  Yet another beautiful, historic European country I would love to visit.

On the back:

Greetings from Romania!
Acestea sunt câteva obiective turistice din tara mea. Sunt castele ale vechior domnitori.
Happy Postcrossing!
Using the wonders of Google Translate, I deciphered the message as follows:
These are some sights in my country.  They are the castles of the old rulers.
I was very excited to receive another card written in another language.  I stated on my profile that I don't mind if the sender doesn't write in English, and it was fun to work out what they were saying.  Because Romanian is a Romance language, some of the words were familiar enough that I could guess a little bit.

The stamps are two beautiful antique jugs.

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