Sunday, July 24, 2011

Postcrossing: USA

My second card of the week from the Great Smoky Mountains, and another very beautiful one.  I love the ethereal colours, and the interesting facts about the area.

This was the first card I have received that was in an envelope, with a letter included.  I've seen quite a few users have specifically requested NOT to receive cards in this way, but I actually quite liked it - he sent me quite a long letter, talking about his university and his hometown, the places he's travelled, things he likes to do, and so on.  It was fascinating to me to receive so much detail about a complete stranger.  It's also good for people who like to collect stamps, because then you can cut the stamps off the envelope without ruining the lovely postcard.  The stamps on this one are another American clock, like my last US postcard, a Kansas stamp showing windmills and the year Kansas entered the Union (1861), and an abstract stamp on the theme of "love" - all very pretty.

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