Thursday, August 4, 2011

OOTD: Mr Vintage Week: O For Awesome

This O For Awesome t-shirt probably doesn't make much sense to non-Kiwis, or even a younger generation of Kiwis.  It refers to the legendary NZ boxer David Tua's appearance on Wheel of Fortune, when he asked for an "O for Awesome".  Over the years, there's been much controversy over whether he was actually asking for an A, or whether he said "Ocean" or "Olsen" or something else...But "O for Awesome" entered the Kiwi lexicon, and there it stayed.  I love the bright blue of this shirt - it's a really electric blue and this pic doesn't really do it justice.

T-shirt: Mr Vintage
Jeans: JeansWest
Sneakers: Converse at Platypus

At least I'm standing up straight in this photo.  I always stand the same way though.  I need to come up with some poses or something.  I'm not really a camera lover.

The Converse sneakers make another appearance!  They're so comfortable.  I'd never had a pair before but I wanted an alternative casual work shoe to my Dr. Martens boots, so I picked these up from the same store I got the boots from.  They fit my long, narrow feet perfectly and even though they have quite thin soles, they don't feel flimsy.  I think I need another pair!

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