Wednesday, August 3, 2011

OOTD: Mr Vintage Week: Tea For Tui

I saw this t-shirt when it first appeared on the Mr Vintage site a few weeks ago and knew I must have it immediately.  It's called Tea For Tui and the print is a beautiful one of a Tui perched in a tree with an old-fashioned tea cup.  Tui are native NZ birds and have the most beautiful and unusual call - no two are alike and they are excellent mimics.  Their colours are beautifully iridescent and impossible to do justice in a picture, but the print does a pretty good job of showing the sheen on the wings and tail.

T-shirt: Mr Vintage
Cardi: Jay Jays
Mini: Torrid
Leggings: We Love Colors (Rubine)

Why can I never stand straight?  I realised after I had put this outfit together that I'm channeling the style of my friend Sonja, which is awesome because she is fabulous and quirky.  I think I need to get some more minis to wear over leggings.

I picked up two of these hooded cardis at Jay Jays a couple of weeks ago on special (one dark grey, one light grey) and I've barely been out of one or the other since.  They go with everything and are super soft and comfortable, and the perfect weight for the mild Gold Coast Winter.

Don't forget We Love Colors still has free shipping to NZ and Oz for orders over $30 until the end of August!  Just enter the code WELOVENZAUS at checkout.  I saw a few months ago that they had introduced leggings to their range, but looking at the size chart I didn't think they would fit me.  Then I read a post from Lesley at Two Whole Cakes (which I now can't find) where she mentioned she had got some, so I decided to give it a shot.  I'm so glad I did, because I love them - the fabric is smooth and thick and super-comfortable, the colour is as vivid as their tights, and they feel really high quality.  I'm going to order some more before the free shipping runs out!

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