Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Postcrossing: Portugal

My second card from Portugal, and very different from the first.  I love the vivid colours of the flowers and the beautiful butterfly.  Unfortunately, the card doesn't include any information such as the name of the plant or the butterfly.  If you know, please share with me in the comments!

This was also my second card in an envelope, although it didn't come with a big long letter.  The message is written on the back of the card as normal.

On the back:
Hi Jennifer! I am Maria and I am from Portugal.  I also love to read and learn new things.  Here's a quote I particularly like from Shakespeare: "Love all.  Trust a few.  Do wrong to none."  Hope you like it! Oh...And cuddle your fur babies for me!  I have 3 dogs and 5 cats - just love them!
Happy postcrossing! Adeus! (Bye!) Maria
5 cats!  Wow!  I recognised the quote but couldn't place it, so I'm ashamed to admit I had to Google it (and I call myself an English major).  It's from All's Well That Ends Well.

The stamp is of a hummingbird and flower and, if my rudimentary Portuguese is correct, seems to be commemorating the International Year of Biodiversity.

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