Saturday, December 31, 2011

Can't Blog, Dragon-Slaying

Well, it's certainly been quiet around here lately, hasn't it?  The last time there was a lull in like this was when Dragon Age II came out, and astute readers may have noticed that this lull coincides with the release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.  I'll be honest: this is the first Elder Scrolls game I've really gotten in to, and I love it.  185 hours since 11/11/11 (release) so far, according to Steam.  So it's clearly taking up the majority of my spare time, for which I am unashamedly unapologetic.  In the mean time, have a variety of Skyrim-themed lolcats and videos!


Skyrim is all about fighting dragons, and the setting is Nordic-themed.

sci fi fantasy Doctor Who - It's Much Too Violent

It's also a rather violent game, probably not suitable for young kittens.

sci fi fantasy Skyrim - Must Have Been Unbearable

All of the NPCs (non-player-characters, the general population of the game, for those of you who don't play games) have random environmental chatter.  One of the things a guard can say when you walk past is "I used to be an adventurer like you...Then I took an arrow to the knee."

My current iPhone wallpaper.  So cute!

This rap truly is epic.  And gives you a great overview of the game!

This is amazing.  I would love for them to do a full Skyrim movie.

And finally...

sci fi fantasy Lord of the Rings - It's Rather Addictive

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