Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Foto Feb: Day 1

I've done a few blogging challenges here now: 30 Days of Me, Big50, and 30 Days of Books (which is currently on hiatus but will return!).  I've recently lost my blogging mojo a little bit and have been really struggling to write even though I enjoy it and find it really relaxing.  So when a few of my friends (including Diane) announced they were doing a Foto Feb challenge, I decided to shamelessly pinch the idea and do the same thing myself.  If all I have to do is post a photo a day, that can't be that hard, right? Right?  I may blog about some photos, or just post a photo with a caption, depending on the photo and my mood.  This was something I decided to do on the way home from work so I didn't have much time to organise today's photo.  Also, I don't have much planned for February.  Still, I thought it would be interesting to just post mundane stuff too, and document a whole month in photos.  So without further ado...

An empty bowl is a tragedy to behold.

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