Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Holiday Planning

Dave and I have booked 4 weeks of leave in mid-August to mid-September and hired a JUCY camper for 26 days.  We went with JUCY because of their excellent customer service - Blayne at JUCY has really gone above and beyond to help get us a great rate and give us advice, and was ultimately the deciding factor in us choosing JUCY over a competitor.

I love roadtrips.  We had at least one, usually two or more, roadtrips a year when I was growing up - to Awakeri for Christmas, and often to Wellington for a family event, or somewhere else for a holiday.  I still sometimes get seized by an irrational urge to just get in my car and drive.  The open road in front of me and the freedom to turn off whenever a road sign catches my fancy is absolute bliss to me.

So.  The leave is booked, the camper is booked, the kennel is booked, the cattery is booked...But where are we going to go? The freedom of the camper means we can basically hit the road and go where our fancies take us.  At first we were thinking we would do a loop of the southeast corner of the continent, but I'm increasingly leaning towards going north and seeing the Great Barrier Reef instead.   There are also some other slightly more far-out options, like driving across the Nullarbor to Perth!

Here are my 4 draft itineraries.  Each one is fairly flexible - we might condense some legs or expand others, depending on if we see a nice place to stop or want to keep on driving, or need an extra break.  Can you help us choose?

Friday, April 6, 2012

Jen Does PC Repair

A week or so ago Dave's PC suddenly crapped out.  It was running super slow and basically unusable.  Dave has this kind of aura that seems to magically break electronic goods and it's a running joke with us that he's not allowed to touch anything electronic.  This kind of problem is a pain in the butt to diagnose, because there's no error or anything to indicate what's wrong.  It was also intermittent, so when I got home and booted his PC up again it worked fine for about 10 minutes before crapping out again.  In that kind of situation, it could have been any number of things: a virus (least likely), his RAM, a motherboard hardware issue, his hard drive (most likely)...I tried a few different things, running a check disk (which wouldn't complete), pulling out his RAM and booting from one stick at a time, and I was leaning towards it being caused by his hard drive failing...then suddenly it wouldn't even POST and I feared that it was a motherboard issue after all.  I unplugged the PC from the power completely and left it for half an hour and tried to boot again, and this time it completed POST, so I was back to my initial theory.

The next day I tried running check disk again, with Dave under strict instructions to not touch anything and just leave it, no matter how long it took.  After running all morning, check disk finally completed after finding several bad sectors.  I swapped out the suspect hard drive for the one from his old PC (the benefits of keeping a stack of hardware in the cupboard), installed Windows and ran check disk on that one also just to be safe, and it came up clean.  The PC ran fine with the substitute hard drive so I was satisfied the problem was caused by the original hard drive failing (a Western Digital Caviar Green, and serves me right for buying a lower performance drive), and I ordered a new Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB from Computer Alliance who I'd never used before but were significantly cheaper than Tech Buy.  The drive was shipped and delivered within 2 days which was very impressive.

It arrived bare boned so today I hunted through the hardware cupboard and found a spare cable and some rails so I could install it as a secondary drive.  That would save me the hassle of installing and patching Windows yet again and would give Dave a bit more space.  It was also an interesting mini-challenge because it meant I couldn't just swap over the drives - I had to plug in the extra cables and ensure everything fit together properly.  We purposefully built our PCs to be expandable so it wasn't too difficult, but it was a new experience which was fun.

The new drive is now installed, initialised, and formatting as I type this.  I feel quite satisfied with myself for managing to diagnose and resolve the problem without calling in a tech.  And that's how I spent Good Friday!