Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Customer Service: Australia Post Gets It Right

As a Customer Service worker myself, I really appreciate it when I get good customer service.  Customers rarely contact you to simply tell you that you've done a great job - the nature of customer service is that the majority of customers you interact with have some kind of problem.  So I like to give credit where credit is due.

Last Friday I was getting ready to leave for work when a parcel was delivered.  The delivery driver saw that I was getting ready to back my car out and asked me if I usually backed all the way up to the street.  Our driveway is fairly long and shared between 10 units, and also has a dogleg and slopes uphill.  It's quite wide and I have no problem backing out every day but I can understand that if you were not used to it that it might be difficult.  I told the driver that sometimes I could back into the visitor parks but I normally just backed all the way up and onto the street.  She told me that she didn't think the driveway was OH&S compliant and that she would have to get it inspected.

I do a lot of shopping online, so this was a big concern for me - if the Australia Post delivery drivers would no longer deliver to my house, I'd have to make other arrangements.  So I wanted to make sure I'd be told the outcome of any investigation, but I wasn't sure who to contact to find that out.  I turned to my preferred first point of contact, Twitter, and contacted the @auspost Twitter account.  The account is very active and professional and I was confident they'd be able to point me in the right direction.

I was right.  Within 3 hours, a staff member named "Alysse" had replied to me with more information about why the driver might have been concerned, and given me a link to a web contact form to complete for further assistance.  I completed the form and asked to be informed of the outcome of the investigation into my delivery issue.  I received a reply to this form within 1 business day from "Bianca P" that was polite and helpful and explained the process of the investigation to me, and that I should expect further contact within 5 business days.  The follow-up, from "Natalie B", came within 2 business days, confirming that my driveway had been reviewed and that my parcels would be delivered.  I advised the Twitter account and received a thank you from "Nathan"  inviting me to contact Australia Post again if I needed more help.

At each point of contact, I was dealing with a different person, but I never had to explain my situation again: each person understood my issue and had information readily available.  All contact was prompt, informative, polite, and friendly but professional.  My name was used (even on Twitter), so I felt like a real person and not just a reference number.  The outcome of the investigation was in my favour, but even if it hadn't been I would still have been satisfied.

Well done to Australia Post for getting Customer Service right and leaving me a happy customer!

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