Sunday, November 4, 2012

NaBloPoMo: 4 November

Today is "free choice" so I'm going to tell you about a dream I had last night.  I dreamed that Dave and I had a water cooler, one of the types with bottles that you have to swap over, and there was a service you could arrange where a guy would come and refill your used bottles with the special water, instead of swapping them over for new ones.  So I called the guy to arrange it, only to find that he would only accept cheque payments, and that there was a $100 "cheque processing fee".  Well, I don't even have a chequebook, and the fee seemed bullshit to me, so I refused.

The night before last I dreamed that we went to Melbourne and found these amazing houses for sale for only $30 a week!  The catch was that they were still being wrangled over in court so we had to wait until that was cleared up.  Also one of the houses was on a fairly big section on the outskirts of the city next to a farm, but the house itself was really tiny because the owners had wanted to position it so they could see the cows on the farm, and you weren't allowed to build a bigger house or move that house or anything like that - you had to keep the tiny house on the huge section.

That same night I dreamed that Dave left the garage door open about a foot and both our cats escaped - they're 100% indoor cats so this was a Bad Thing.  We had to go out and find them and chase them down to catch them and bring them home and they were freaking out.

I dream a lot and they are always weird.

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