Wednesday, November 7, 2012

NaBloPoMo: 7 November

Sorry for the post spam, this is the last one for today!

"Talk about the last compliment you received."

Hmm.  Probably the last compliment I received was on my outfit for our office Melbourne Cup party yesterday - I got a lot of positive comments about my dress and shoes, which was nice.  It's always nice to receive compliments when I put effort in to an outfit.

I can't really think of a standout compliment I've received recently.  I get little ones fairly regularly.  I generally try to not be one of those people who practices false modesty - if I do something good, I'm proud of it, and I'll happily take a compliment.  Something I've been working on though is my habit of justifying my compliments - if someone says "that was good work on that project", while I don't say, "oh thanks but it was really nothing", I do say, "thanks, I really tried to focus on meeting the criteria and while this aspect needs more work I think this part went really well" or whatever.

It's really hard to just say "thanks!".  I think this is partly a female thing - we're always taught to be modest and self-effacing and so on, and it's a really hard habit to get out of.


  1. You're very good at receiving compliments, definitely. And that's a compliment :)