Friday, November 2, 2012

OOTD: Swan Lake

I'm going to cheat a little with NaBloPoMo, because weekends are "free choice" and I want to do an OOTD post today because I was wearing the cutest outfit I own!  So the second NaBloPoMo prompt will become tomorrows post.

Dress: ASOS
Clogs: Wittner
Belt: Free with a dress from Best & Less

I bought this dress last week after some enabling from @mimbles and @shonias on Twitter.  The print is tiny swans and it has a crossover front like a ballet dress and I love it.  The fabric isn't too hot and doesn't crush, and it was comfortable to wear all day.  The only issue is that today was extremely windy on the Gold Coast and the skirt is quite full, so I had to hold on to it pretty tight when I was outside.  The shoes are my favorite Wittner clogs which I really should wear more often, and the belt came with a different dress but coordinated great with this one.

You can't really see the gorgeous print or the bright color of the shoes, so here's a different angle:

The reactions I get when I wear a dress and heels, even a fairly casual outfit like this one, are always amusing.  Because I'm so much a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, people always assume I have some reason for dressing up.  Usually I don't though - I just want to wear a cute outfit!

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