Tuesday, June 25, 2013

BA's Posting Challenge 10 & 11: Blog Meme Love / Picture Perfect

Week 10's topic: Share some of the memes others have created that you enjoy and take part in. What do you enjoy about the ones you’ve chosen to share?

The only literary meme I can think of off the top of my head is one of my favorite tumblrs (although it's a bit inactive these days): F*ck Yeah English Major Armadillo. For example:

Another good one:

Week 11's Topic: Share a photo of your books. Can be your TBR pile, your read pile, favourite books, least favourite books, books to donate, gifts, or your bookcase. What’s going on in the picture and why have you chosen to share these books?

There's a lot of options for this one. I've previously shared several book photos on this blog - for example:

My beautiful copy of The Great Gatsby

My Kindle (I was reading The Help)

My Off The Shelf 2013 reading shelf

My reading spot and some of my bookshelves

We own a lot of books. Hundreds, in fact. We have 5 bookshelves like the ones in the last picture, plus 2 shorter ones (only 4 shelves each), plus the small one my Off The Shelf books and our duplicate books are shelves on. Plus a stack on the floor in the lounge. Plus some boxes Dave inherited from his grandmother. Plus our kindles. A lot of books, is what I'm getting at. You can't walk in to our house and not know we are avid readers. So choosing which books to take pictures of is difficult. So instead, here is a picture of a book I don't own, my current read, which I borrowed from a friend (and which breaks my Off The Shelf streak, but more on that when the month is over):

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