Saturday, June 1, 2013

Off The Shelf 2013: May

Progress slowed down a bit in May: I went through a bit of a gaming phase, picked up XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and somehow lost a fortnight. According to Goodreads, I'm still 3 books ahead of schedule for my official goal of 45 books, but that puts me 1 book behind my unofficial goal of 52 books. There's a long weekend coming up though, and we have a 2-week holiday in July, and my gaming phase has given way to another reading phase, so I'm not worried...yet!

In May I finished reading The Casual Vacancy and The Name of the Wind. Sadly, The Casual Vacancy was a great disappointment. I gave it 2 stars on Goodreads and felt that I was being generous. Like I said in my review, if it had been anyone other than Rowling I doubt I would have persisted. Most people I know who have read the book (including my Mum and Miss RBit) were of similar opinions. I can't think of anyone I would recommend this book to.

The Name of the Wind was, happily, much more enjoyable. I wasn't actually planning on starting this series just yet, but early in the month we went up to Brisbane for Dave's second tattoo session so I had a day to kill reading. I was nearly finished The Casual Vacancy but didn't want to cart a doorstop around with me, so I took my kindle thinking I'd start one of the non-fiction books on my list. I sat down, pulled out my kindle...and it was flat! You cannot imagine the horror. Luckily, Dave had his with him also (well, of course he did, why am I saying "luckily"?), but the only book on my reading list that was also on his kindle was The Name of the Wind. So, while not quite according to plan, at least I did start a really excellent book. You can see my review here. I started the sequel, The Wise Man's Fear, last night, after borrowing it from a friend. It's a much longer book (around 1000 pages), so I don't know how long it will take me. Unfortunately, the projected trilogy isn't finished yet - so depending on how long it takes Rothfuss to complete, I may end up having to do a re-read.

I also finished listening to A Game of Thrones on audiobook and started A Clash of Kings, I'm not sure I like Roy Dotrice's voice acting as much in this one. The way he pronounces Melisandre, with a huge over-the-top emphasis on the penultimate syllable ("mell-e-SOND-r") is a little grating, as is The Onion Knight's thick pirate accent. Still, it's good to have a cheat's way to re-read these huge books without eating in to my Off The Shelf reading time.

While I consider listening to A Song of Ice and Fire on audiobook only minor bending of my Off The Shelf rules, I do have some out-and-out rule-breaking coming up. The same friend who loaned me The Wise Man's Fear also loaned me Vernon God Little by D. B. C. Pierre. And who am I to turn down the loan of a book? So that will be up next after The Wise Man's Fear. I'm also being pestered by Miss RBit to read a book she highly recommends - The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein. Frankly, I'm surprised I made it 5 months without straying. At least they're both short and quick reads. It just means I have to work extra hard to keep up with my Off The Shelf reading!

If you want to see my rating and/or review of each book, check out my Goodreads page.

This post is part of my Off The Shelf 2013 Reading Challenge

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