Friday, October 3, 2014

Five in Five: Worth Casing Awards

Mystery Case

The lovely MissRBit, my soul twin, has nominated me for the Mystery Case Worth Casing Awards. While my blog posts have been a bit thin on the ground lately, you don't say no to your soul twin! So here we go...

1. How long have you been blogging and why did you start?

This blog started, according to my archives, in April 2010. I guess that would be my "official" start as a blogger, but I've always written - expressing myself has always been important to me. At the time, I'd recently got married and was starting a new chapter in my life, so I thought it was a good time to start a proper blog. I was studying Communications (which I never finished - I'm currently studying IT though) and so also wanted some extra writing practice and a place to post my poems and other creative writing.

2. If your wardrobe could talk what would it say about you and tell us about your favourite or most worn item?

Right now it would say "tidy me up!" - most of my clothes are in a pile on the couch because I just don't have room for all my stuff here. Plus I've been busy with university. Plus I'm lazy, let's be honest! We're about to start building our very own home though which has a giant walk-in-robe we're getting custom-fitted, so I'll have no excuse after that. Favourite item? Well, one thing I wear every day is my taniwha bone carving necklace...

...But if you want actual clothes? I'm just going to nominate "outfit" rather than "item" and say my usual jeans-and-tee combo. I often try to change it up with leggings or a skirt or something but I always come back to my jeans and tees. I'm most comfortable in them and I have a huge range of quirky/geeky/Kiwiana tees (like the "Sweet As" one I'm wearing in the pic above).

3. What's your idea of the perfect date night?

I know it's really clichéd, but dinner and a movie is always a winner for me. My husband Dave works in hospitality so we don't have that many free days or nights together, so when we do a Date Night it's usually dinner at one of our favourite restaurants, or perhaps trying a new one, followed by whatever superhero movie is showing!

4. What's on your Worth Casing list?

I guess this is like a bucket list type thing? I confess I didn't really get this question so I'm going to use it for a travel destinations list:
  • Japan for the Cherry Blossom Festival: Number 1 for both Dave and I as soon as we can afford a decent overseas holiday!
  • New Zealand Road Trip: I love my home country and I'd love to explore some places I haven't been, like the far South Island, and show Dave some of my favourite spots. We have a short trip coming up in November but I'd love to spend a month doing a full on tour in a camper. We did that recently for the Queensland coast and loved it.
  • Langkawi, Malaysia: we stayed at Rebak Island Resort for a couple of days at the end of our honeymoon and absolutely loved it. We're planning on visiting again at the end as my graduation reward.
  • Europe: I know, I know, that's a very broad destination, but I've spent the vast majority of my life in Australia and New Zealand, with a couple of small trips to South-East Asia/Pacific destinations and one work trip to the USA. So a trip to the other side of the world is definitely on my to-do list.

5. If you had a theme song what would it be and why?

Well. What a tricky question...I don't know! I am really loving the whole Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix soundtrack right now and basically have been listening to it non-stop for weeks, but I guess that doesn't really count? Well I'm going to pick one of those anyway! My favourite song on the soundtrack is "I Want You Back" by the Jackson 5 and if you've seen the movie you'd know why...If you haven't, spoiler below:

However, no matter how catchy it is, it's still a song about a guy who wants a girl after she's given up on waiting for him to realise how awesome she is and started dating someone else, so it's not really my theme song...I think probably "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell, because I try to be that sort of person that is always there for those people in my life that are important to me.

There you have it, a bit more info about me that you might not have known before! I nominate:

1. Diane (Blauerpunto) - she was also nominated by MissRBit but she hasn't posted hers, so perhaps another nomination will remind her? :)
2. Kath from Fat Heffalump - my favourite blogger, candy-haired twin, and all-round awesome person!
3. Lisa from Lisa Likes Stuff - because she loves cupcakes.
4. Lilli from Frocks & Frou Frou - because she is so gorgeous and has such fantastic, classic style.
5. Nat from XL as life! - because she is always so enthusiastic about everything and its infectious!

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